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“Paasfeesten Leuven” is a folklore festival that is being organised annually since 1975 in collaboration with the city of Leuven. The festival invites on average four foreign groups every year. These groups show their best performances on the stage in the multi-purpose sports and dancing hall “De Rijschool” in the Rijschoolstraat.

The festival takes place always in an Easter weekend filled with culture, fun and performances, this year April 9-14. Starting from Thursday when the foreign groups arrive, until Tuesday morning when the last of them leave, there are five days to get to know each other, to enjoy performances, workshops and more.

The organisation of the festival is for the most part in the hands of the members of the local folk art groups. The groups are hosted by families or in the local youth hostel.

Of course this is only one side of the festival, it is much more than performances, workshops and the organising alone. During the festival it is all about fraternisation, host families, hosts and members of the Leuven groups alike, everyone gets to know each other during this fun-filled weekend. You talk to each other in languages you might not even understand properly, but even if there are some minor communication problems, friends are being made for life during this festival. That is what the Paasfeesten is about: real friendship between people.

If you want to apply for participation in our festival, please fill in this form.