Foreign Groups

The following groups are expected to perform at our 2022 festival.

Great Britain



Jockey Men's Morris Club

Vilnius University folk music ensemble JAUIMĖLIS

Folklore Group ISKRAEMECO Kranj






Jockey Morris Men

The Jockey Men's Morris Club is a dance group from Birmingham, England. The group was founded in 1949 and performs traditional English Morris dances, descendant from the Cotswold Morris tradition. These dances are performed by one up to eight men. The Jockey Men also perform dances from the Welsh Border tradition and some longsword dances from the North of England.

Many of their dancers are also musicians and vice versa. The instruments they use during their performances include the accordeon, the fiddle and the melodeon. When performing, they wear their traditional attire as you can see in the picture.

Jockey Morris has appeared at many festivals in the United Kingdom, as well as in various European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark). Additionally, they visited us in Leuven before, resulting in many beautiful friendships. Therefore, we are very happy to welcome them again to our festival.


Vilnius University folk music ensemble JAUIMÈLIS

The Vilnius University folk music ensemble JAUIMÈLIS was founded over 50 years ago. The group represents the university of Vilnius in folkloric dancing, singing and other traditional art forms. Their art has taken them outside of Lithuania multiple times and even on competitions, where they have received various awards. For instance, they received the award for best and most professional folklore group during the Lithuanian Folk Musicians' Festival.

Leading the group are professional choreografers and directors. Their current leaders are Bronislavas Glovickis and Gabriele Kuliene.


Folklore Group Iskraemeco Kranj

The group from Slovenia, ISKRAEMECO, consists mainly of young people, students. They keep the traditional Slovenian dance and music alive. A spectacular performance is guaranteed, thanks to their traditional attire, live music and interesting choreographies. Furthermore, they have been doing this for no less than 44 years. Their art has brought them to many different countries where they got the chance to showcase their talents on an international level. For many years now the group is being led by Mr. Joze Senk.

This group takes leave from the fourth largest city in Slovenia, Kranj, all the way to our festival in Leuven to perform with live music (accordeon, violin, clarinet, double bass).