Schedule Easter Festival Leuven 2022:

Friday 15/04/2022: Evening show with workshops

During this evening we get to know the foreign groups and our Leuven groups also get up on stage. Each group will give a short performance and then invite you to dance with them. We will learn steps and dances form the foreign groups and get our dance legs on. By the end of the night we'll be completely warmed up for the rest of the weekend.

Doors: 19h30

Start of the show: 20h00

Tickets: free entrance. 

Saturday 16/04/2022: Parade and performances around Grote Markt

In the afternoon the parade moves from de Rijschool through Leuven. At various locations in Leuven between 13h00 and 15h00, you can see short performances of the groups. At 15h00 we meet you at the city hall, where each group will give a short performance. After the show, all children are invited to the floor for the classic throwing of the easter eggs by our Leuven city council.

Start of the parade: 13h30

Street performances between 13h00 and 15h00:

Short performances on the Grote Markt in front of thee city hal 15h00-15h45

  • Flag wavers of Carpevento    
  • Rozemarijntje    
  • Slovenia  
  • Reuzegom en Havermeuleke    
  • England    
  • Flag wavers of Reuzegom & Havermeuleke    
  • Lithuania

Followed at 15h45 by an Easter egg shower by the city councel

At 16h00 on the Matheiu De Layensplein the members of the city council wil cut up two lambs on the spit and distribute the meat to the inhabitants and visitors.

Saturdag 16/04/2022: Workshops

On Saturday evening we continue what we learned on Friday. Each groups will get more time to teach their traditional dances to the public.

Start of the workshops: 20h00

Tickets: free entrance.

Sunday 17/04/2022: Easter Mass

We celebrate Easter in Sint Pieterskerk in Leuven.

Start of the mass: 9h45.

Monday 18/04/2022: Festival show

On Easter Monday we will show you the wonderful performances of folklore groups from Great-Britain, Lithuania, and Slovenia. Of course our Leuven dance groups, Rozemarijntje, 't Havermeuleke, and Reuzegom, will step up onto the stage. With live music, beautiful traditional clothing, international experience and a nice, cold beer you are set to have the best Monday afternoon of the year.

Doors: 13h30

Start of the festival show: 14h30

Tickets: click 'Tickets' in the menu bar.

For more information on the various groups that will be performing, click 'Foreign Groups' and 'Domestic Groups'.