Our Czech visitors: Velička Folk Ensemble

  • Posted on: 31 January 2017
  • By: Paul

The Velička Folk Ensemble comes from Velká and Veličkou, a village at the foot of the White Carpathians in the Horňácko region, close to the Czech-Slovak border. The group was founded in 1968 as successor of the ethnographic group and ensemble Velička, which was active between 1953 and 1968. The Velička Folk Ensemble has performed both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their are accompanied by a hammer dulcimer orchestra. Together with this orchestra the ensemble has produced a CD and even performed in several TV documentaries.

All dances come from the Horňácko region where the group originated from. The costumes show the traditional dress worn in this region in the 19th century. The main goal of the group is to preserve the dances and traditions of the Horňácko region, and to promote them through their performances. However, their repertoire also includes dances from the surrounding regions.