İTÜ Halk Bilimleri ve Sanatları Kulübü

Our Turkish guests present their group:

İTÜ HBSK Halk Oyunları Topluluğu is a Folk Dances Community in Istanbul Technical University as a student club. It is founded at 1999 by the students.

This student club does not belong to a region. It covers almost all regions in Turkey.

Club prepares an end-year show every year. Members participate folk dances festivals inside and outside the country. And they organise some festivals also time-to-time,

Moreover, they participated many folk dances competition in Turkey and get lots of cups. They proudly represent the ITU inside the country and Turkey outside the country,

On their end-year shows they are introducing lots of different region's dances with a carefully selected topic which touches national matter,

Club's mission is learning, realizing its own culture, traditions and folk dances and then protecting, introducing and sustaining these riches for the next generations.

They are mostly engineering students, but they love the folk dances.

İhsan Halıcı
Kültür ve Sanat Birliği – İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü 34469 Maslak/ İstanbul/TURKEY